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Free Download BlazBlue Centralfiction full pc game setup also crack exe file here mediafire google drive mega links full speed zip rar direct download link Blazblue: Centralfiction is the latest installment of the Blazblue saga. This is a fighting game – visual novel, plus 35 characters eligible to play and several additional game modes. It also has subtitles in English and voices in Japanese.
(The following review focuses on the Arcade)
The game system of BlazBlue: Central Fiction houses absolutely all the techniques in the genre. It brings new combos chain (which in BlazBlue are called Revolver Action), Astral Heat (attacks that end with the opponent if it has less than 35% energy), Rapid Cancel (to combine all types of attacks, normal and special ), Overdrive (to empower our character). Now showing the remaining time of the Overdrive, an Exceed Accel – a special type of Distortion Drive, and the Active Flow mechanic, which rewards the offensive game with increased damage and recovery of its Burst indicator.
If you are new to the genre the game will offer you a complete tutorial in which you can learn everything from moving, defending and jumping in order to combine special attacks and Overdrives, also the Stylish mode makes it easier to perform special attacks and combos and helps to understand the rhythm of the game or the movements of a character you do not know.
In graphic quality the game is very equal to its previous BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend. There are pretty scenes, very animated with sprites and pyrotechnic effects to the full screen, although a few scenarios is a little short because it is a recycling of previous versions.
The game has a good soundtrack, suitable for the game, fits perfectly for the genre of fight. Many of these are old songs from the some BlazBlue, the new ones are themes of new characters.

How to Play:

Extract .rar file
Burn or mount image
Run “setup.exe” and install
Copy the content of CODEX inside the game directory

How to Update to v2.00:

Just download the two updates of CODEX (v1.06 – v2.00) and paste the content files inside the game directory and overwrite (Requires the main game of curse)

BlazBlue Centralfiction PC Download

Download Size: 22 GB

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