Play! Playstation 2 ps2 emulator for Apk android

Play! is still under development, but you can join the beta community to sign up as as a tester if you want to give the emulator a try.So the fact that PS2 games run at all on low-power Android phones and tablets is pretty impressive. But right now while you can load some games in the Play! emulator, games run so slowly that they might not be much fun to play,Play! Playstation 2 ps2 emulator for Apk android free download

Notes / What’s New
What’s New
Weekly Build Update (2015-07-05)
What’s new:
– Complete virtual pad (including analog sticks and L1/L2/R1/R2 shoulder pads)
– Compatibility updates (FFXII should be playable, albeit very slowly on Android)
Coming soon:
– External gamepad support

PlayStation 2 Emulator for Android.
*WARNING* This is still under active development and isn’t yet ready for actual game play.
Please check the compatibility list for information about working games:


Play! Gameplay

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Play! Playstation 2 Apk Free Download
Play! Playstation 2 Apk Free Download

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