Pokemon Altair and Sirius GBA ROM [English Patched]

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The mapping have been kinda done at a minimum with a few
absolutely new areas. Also the amount of new BGMs are only a handful.
Fakemon also only consists of about 1/4 of the obtainable roster. (This has been fixed in Vega and Procyon/Denab with more Fakes, new regions, and fully original OST.)

The difficulty is still as aggravating as ever though.
Also Gym Leaders got changed to confuse you.

Game Title: Pokemon Altair and Sirius
Original Title: ポケモン – アルタイル/シリウス
Platform: GBA (Gameboy Advance)
Release Date: June 18, 2011
Genre: Monster Capture RPG
Publisher: Dr. Akimbo, Unknown
Region: Region Free
Languages: English Patched

Pokemon Altair and Sirius GBA ROM Download
Download Size: 16 MB
If possible, you should skip this and jump straight to Vega as it is the superior hack (but not to Procyon/Denab as they are
incomplete currently)
Edit 2: Progression is pretty much RSE as a base really, you really should skip this game and read the sypnosis I linked on Vega’s post
Latest public patch from June 18, 2014
Game is complete.
Edit: After checking Vega out, it has proper English names and moves due to it using an English ROM base for some reason.
Basically this patch sucks because translator was limited by Japanese text limits
Recommended emulator for GameBoy ROMs: VisualBoy Advance
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