Top 5 best Open World Games for Android 2017

Tired of playing those same old repetitive Android games? Here are some of the best Open World Games Available to Download from Playstore. Open world games are highly enjoyable, because of the big world in the game for players to explore. The big world feels very dynamic and lively. These 5 Games will change the Android gaming experience for you.

Grand Theft Auto: III

Gta 3 Apk was the first 3D game by Rockstar Games. After its Release for Android, many fans of the series were happy, because they can play the game from their handheld device now.
Different NPC such as Mob Bosses and friends need your help. You start from the bottom of the underworld and progress slowly as your name is getting famous in Liberty City. The city is full of rivalries and enmities. Some people will help you, some will want you dead. It’s very hard to stick to the exploring part only because as the story progresses, you will want more of it.
There is a total of 152 missions. It has 51 storyline missions, 17 phone missions, 4 off-road missions, 4 Remote controlled missions.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This game won 9 Awards including the game of the year. It’s widely acclaimed that it’s the best GTA. It has one of the biggest worlds in gaming history. In this Game the Protagonist, CJ “Carl Johnson” fights and completes favors for different Gangs, Mobs, Cops, his friends and other NPC’s to gain control back on his turf and earn respect.
There are 100 missions in GTA: San Andreas (excluding the opening sequence mission) which makes it 101.
In this game, CJ can use different vehicles such as Planes, cars, boats, off-road vehicles and bikes. It also has 11 types of weapons. Each type has multiple forms of that weapon.

Gangster Vegas

This game takes place in the Las Vegas A.K.A Sin City. This game is very similar to Grand Theft Auto Series, in most ways, gameplay wise.
The game starts with the main protagonist “Jason Malone”, an MMA fighter. The controls are a bit hard to get used to. But other aspects such as voice acting and graphics are very good.
The Open World is full of colors, which gives a very good vibrant theme look. Most of the missions include eliminating targets and escaping from cops, causing chaos. Being similar to GTA and being free is the reason it’s very famous.

Gangster Rio: City Of Saints

Gangster Rio is another entry in the Gangster series. It takes place in the city Rio de Janeiro. The Protagonist is the member of a gang “Assassinos” and goes by the name of Angel.
It has all the elements of  GTA. This title improves the open world. By making it look like, that the city more alive and dynamic. And the Developers listened to fans the series and improved controls. Gameloft chooses very good songs to play on the radio station during the game. The songs match the theme of the game.
The Graphics are high, so some devices might get laggy while playing it

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

This game is similar to the first two original Grand theft auto, Because of the isometric view. The game has a unique comical type of graphics. It’s also a very underrated gem. Overall its feature, graphics, and gameplay are not similar to newer GTA titles.
You play as Huang Lee who takes control of a small triad. He is on the quest to find the murderers of his father. So that he can avenge his father.
Some of its features are unique, which couldn’t be found in later titles. Such as Supply/demand dealing system. Where the prices drop or goes up based on supply and demand.
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