Crimson Tears PS2 ISO

Crimson Tears PS2 Iso free download For PCSX2 Pc and mobile ,Crimson Tears apk android ppsspp,Crimson Tears ps2 iso Sony Playstation 2,Set in Tokyo, year 2049, Crimson Tears sends players on the epic journey of three inhuman “biological war weapons.” Caught up in a mystery that surrounds the destruction of their home city, the trio must battle hordes of enemies and maneuver through maze like environments that powered by a cel-shaded 3D engine and a fast-paced combat mechanic. Additional features include: three playable characters with variable abilities and weapon proficiencies, an RPG-like upgrade system that allows players to improve attributes and special maneuvers, branching combat trees that offer more than a hundred possible attacks, and an easy-to-use hub system for easy character manageability.Automatic dungeon creation system increases replay value as layouts, enemies, and items change each time through; central home base allows players to switch characters, exchange items, view various data and more; strategic combinations of martial arts attacks and weapon-based combat must be used in order to defeat enemies; customizable weapons andmartial arts moves; wide range of weapons including swords, fightinggloves, bazookas, flame throwers and more; collect items and weapons as you explore dungeons and defeat enemies.

Crimson Tears iso

Release Date: July 20, 2004
MSRP: 19.99 USD
T for Teen: Suggestive Themes, Violence
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Capcom
Developers: Spike, Dream Factory
Supported Functions
Number Of Players: 1
Memory Card
Dolby Pro Logic II
Stereo Surround
Memory Blocks: 52 KB


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