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Hot Wheels Unleashed Android

Perhaps best described as a head-on collision between an itty-bitty Burnout and a tiny Trackmania Turbo, Hot Wheels Unleashed Android PPSSPP is an endearing arcade stunt racer that feels great and looks absolutely remarkable. With tracks creatively weaved through lavishly detailed, life-sized environments, and brimming with a catalogue of cars spilled straight out of the toy bucket, developer Milestone’s decision to double down on a brand of racing 64 times smaller than usual has been a consummate success.

Highly accessible yet full of advanced techniques, devilish shortcuts, and creative tools to master, Hot Wheels Unleashed Android PPSSPP is one of the best, most customisable, and most imaginative arcade racers I’ve played in at least a decade.

More About this Game

Hot Wheels Unleashed Android PPSSPP recreates the world’s most popular die-cast cars in their authentic scale, and in environments where they’re dwarfed by barn-sized basketballs and boom boxes as big as buildings. This makes Hot Wheels Unleashed Android PPSSPP more in line with pint-sized peers like 1998’s Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver or 2007’s Hot Wheels Beat That! as opposed to styleless duds like Hot Wheels Turbo Racing or Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver, which simply super-sized the toys to race them like regular cars.

Staying tiny was a terrific choice, and not simply because the atmosphere is endlessly more charming at toy scale; the 1:1 recreations of Hot Wheels cars here are regularly nothing short of stunning.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Android Gameplay

Online multiplayer, meanwhile, offers both private rooms and random matchmaking. While there isn’t any ranking or reward system outside of placements on individual races, the online multiplayer offers up the chance to see different community-made maps. Each new race course is voted for between five options: three prebuilt tracks and two custom tracks. This system results in a good mix of the more intense and wackier community maps and the more focused pre-built maps.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Android captures the magic of plastic cars with fast and smooth racing, but the toy box is a little shallow. There are numerous maps and cars, but the limited amount of environments, music, and set-pieces make for an experience that starts to get old quickly. As a result, Hot Wheels Unleashed PPSSPP rides the high of its racing, which feels like butter when drifting around corners and speeding through loop-the-loops, using whichever food truck or licensed car you pull out of the blind box, but doesn’t bring enough of the license’s personality over.

Hot Wheels Unleashed for Android Game Modes Features

  • Hot Wheels City Rumble – This is the game’s career mode, which challenges players to defeat five monsters that are terrorizing Hot Wheels City. We’ll talk more about this mode in a bit.
  • Quick Race – Choose a location, track, and vehicle and compete in a single race against computer-controlled opponents.
  • Time Attack – Choose a location, track, and vehicle and complete a lap as quickly as you can. Split Screen – A multiplayer mode for two people in the same room who will play on the same screen.
  • Multiplayer – Compete against other players online in races for up to 12 players.
  • Basement – An environment editor that allows players to customize the look of the game’s “Basement” environment, which is where several race tracks are set. If players create a custom track in the Basement environment and then share that track, other players will be able to see the customizations they’ve made to the Basement area.
  • Track Builder – A robust track editor that allows players to create and share their own race tracks.
    Livery Editor – Players can create a custom look for each vehicle by choosing from different paint colors, materials, and more. They can share liveries with other players and download liveries created by others.

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