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The PCSX2 emulator for the Sony ps 2 is the most entire and useful PS2 emulator out there. Each new revision and patch enables more video games to be run and improves on the stability and speed of the emulator.

The official PCSX2 internet site is clear and clean to navigate, and the PCSX2 forums obtain posts every day. Because of this there may be an lively network which permits you to get assist and in an effort to power further improvement. Getting guide and having an actively evolved emulator is extraordinarily essential if you want to keep away from frustration and sadness with emulators.

The wonderful aspect approximately this emulator is that you may insert your PS2 game directly into your CD/DVD power and the emulator will can help you play the game on your computer!

This newsletter will evaluation this loose ps2 emulator after which describe the way to down load, install, configure and run it for your computer.

How To Install and Run the PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

Here we will describe what you need to do to get the PCSX2 PS2 emulator working on your PC. In a nutshell:

make sure your PC is up to the task
dump your PS2 BIOS (since the emulator needs a valid copy of this to run)
download and install the emulator
run and configure the emulator
run a game

PC Hardware Requirements
Before you do anything else, check that your PC is capable of running the PCSX2 emulator at a decent frame rate – due to the complexities of the PS2 hardware you need a decent PC to run at a good speed.

From the PCSX2 documentation the recommended setup is:

XP/Vista 32bit/64bit
CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo @3.2ghz or better
GPU – Nvidia GeForce 8600GT or better (or equivalent e.g. ATI HD2600)
1GB RAM (2GB if on Vista)
Make sure that you update your version of Direct X to the November 2008 runtimes or later as the PCSX2 emulator won’t run without them.

Dumping the Playstation2 BIOS
You need to have a Playstation2 BIOS to run the emulator. You must obtain this from your PS2 as the BIOS binary is copyright of Sony. This is perhaps the most technical thing you need to do get this emulator working.

The developers of the PCSX2 emulator provide a tool to allow you to dump the BIOS data from the Playstation2. Full instructions on how to do this are provided with the tool in the download.

Basically, you will need to either:

connect to your PS2 via a network then run the tool you just downloaded (using Naplink or PS2Link) to dump the BIOS information, or
you burn the downloaded tool onto a CD and run it on the PS2 itself, which will then dump the BIOS to a USB stick connected to the Playstation 2.
A quick web search will find many other ways to dump the PS2 BIOS, but these ways seem to be easiest and most reliable for PCSX2 emulator compatibility.

Important: While some standing legal decisions in America may create the impression that you are allowed to do this, the legality of using an emulator is dependent on how and where it is used, and could change based on future legal outcomes. It is solely the reader’s responsibility to establish the legality of these techniques in their legal jurisdiction. The author and publisher accept no responsibility for outcomes of following the advice in this article.

PCSX2 Gameplay

PS2 Emulators for Windows

Download: pcsx2-1.4.0-setup.exe

Size: 18M
Version: 1.4.0

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