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Fairy Tail Portable Guild apk android for ppsspp iso rom cso free download working on mobile and pc,Lucy is a wizard, though not of your typical spell-casting variety. She’s a celestial wizard, which means she uses special keys to summon powerful beings to do her will. Which is great, but true wizards don’t last long unless they belong to a guild, and Lucy’s goal is to make it into one of the more famous…or perhaps infamous…guilds out there: Fairy Tail. After hooking up with Natsu, a fire-based wizard who happens to be a member of that august body, it looks like Lucy may get her wish. However, like the old saying goes: Be careful what you wish for…

One thing about Fairy Tail hit me right out of the gate: the artwork. Almost immediately I found myself wanting to compare it to One Piece, as Hiro Mashima’s style initially seemed very similar to Eiichiro Oda’s, at least in overall character appearance. Lucy appeared to be a cross between Nami and Vivi, albeit perhaps a bit more curvier, and there are plenty of characters with strange hairstyles or clothing choices (generally the villains), anthropomorphic characters like Natsu’s cat companion, Happy, and a cadre of other characters whose appearance immediately invited the comparison. While I meant it as a compliment, it’s not really fair to make that comparison, as Mashima’s work in this book certainly has more detail than what I see in Oda’s One Piece (for better or for worse), and as I progressed through the book I saw that while the similarity is there, there’s enough of a unique style to Mashima’s work that it ought to stand on its own two feet.

Fairy Tail Portable Guild for PSP

Game Title: Fairy Tail: Portable Guild
Original Title: フェアリーテイル ポータブルギルド
Scene Release: Fairy_Tail_Portable_Guild_JPN_PSP-Caravan
Platform: Sony PlayStation Portable
Release Date: June 3, 2010
Genre: Action RPG
Publisher: Konami
Unpacked Size: 1.24 GB
Region: Japan (NTSC-J)
Languages: Japanese

Iso File Size:894 MB
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Fairy Tail Portable Guild iso PPSSPP