Pokemon Aquamarine [COMPLETED] GBA ROM Download

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[Completed] Pokemon Aquamarine (NEW) GBA ROM HACK With New Story,Gen 7,Fairy Type,Play as Mew & More

Pokemon Aquamarine [COMPLETED]

Author : AquamarineVaporeon/Vaporeon22


• New Region based off South America
• New Subregions based off Hawaii, Galapagos, and Antarctica
• Starter is Eevee
• New Story with a diverging plot depending on gender
• Added Pokémon from Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola
• Added custom “Fakemon”
• Customized Trainers
• Increased overall trainer level
• Added Fairy Type
• Added Physical/Special Split
• Added new moves
• Decapitalized a ton of stuff
• Every Pokémon in-game is obtainable
• Trade Evolutions obtainable through Level-Up
• All Eevee Evolutions obtainable through Evolutionary Stones
• Obtaining Stardust usually guarantees the next Pokémon to be shiny
• Different endings depending on what choice you make at the Elite Four
• Yes, this includes a “good” ending
• Leaf Stone- Leafeon, Icy Stone- Glaceon, Sun Stone- Espeon, Moon Stone- Umbreon, Shiny Stone- Sylveon

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