Pokemon Hyper Emerald GBA ROM Download (Partial English) V4 (Completed)

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Pokemon Hyper Emerald V4 English-Z Moves,Mega Evolution, All Trainers,Ultra Beasts,Gen7 (2019)

Pokemon Hyper Emerald (Partial English) V4 (Completed)
Author – Satochu, Popy, wwwww, Desvol & Team
English Translated By Mr. Tien Duc (Pokemoner.com)

Only The Item Names,Move names,Menu and Some Useful Dialogues are changed in English


You can have Mega in Battle and Z-move In Battle. So you can catch more legendary Pokemon with more rivels up to gen 7.
• Z Moves & Z-Crystals
• Z Bracelet
• New Rival Team Rainbow Rocket
• Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Events
• All Mega Evolutions including Mega Lugia & Mega Ho-Oh
• Tons of new events & story changes
• Amazing graphics and gameplay
• All Pokemon Trainers from all regions
• All Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7
• Ash Greninja
• Mythical Pokemon
• Ultra Beasts
• Ultra Wormholes
• World Championship Battle
• Edited Towns and Maps
• Physical/special split
• Much More!!

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