Pokemon Uranium GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made game created for the Gameboy Advance (GBA) platform. It features a new region called Tandor, with new Pokemon to catch and train. The game also introduces a new type of Pokemon called Nuclear, and includes a unique story and characters. The game was in development for over 9 years and was released in 2016. Unfortunately, the game was taken down by Nintendo due to copyright infringement. It is no longer available for download or play.

The gameplay of Pokemon Uranium follows the traditional mechanics of the Pokemon series. Players take on the role of a trainer who travels through the Tandor region, catching and training Pokemon, and battling other trainers to become the champion of the Tandor League.

Players can catch and collect over 150 different Pokemon, including new Nuclear-type Pokemon that are exclusive to the game. Players can battle against other trainers, including gym leaders and the Elite Four, to earn badges and progress through the game’s story.

The game also introduces new features such as a Nuclear type, new moves and abilities, new minigames and events, and a new feature called Nuzlocke Challenge Mode which adds a new layer of difficulty to the game.

The game’s story is unique and different than the official games, players will encounter new characters and mysteries on their journey through the Tandor region.

Again, unfortunately, the game was taken down by Nintendo due to copyright infringement, it is no longer available for download or play.

Key Features:

-New Region named Tandor with new cities, towns, and routes to explore
-New Nuclear type Pokemon with unique abilities and stats
-Over 150 different Pokemon to catch and train
-New story and characters to interact with
-New minigames and events to add variety to the gameplay
-Nuzlocke Challenge Mode, adding a new layer of difficulty to the game
-Traditional Pokemon gameplay mechanics, including gym battles and the Elite Four
-New moves and abilities for Pokemon to learn
-Customizable protagonist and rival characters
-Multiplayer options, such as trading and battling with other players.



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