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Tales Of Phantasia for PSP Arche’s magics aren’t gained through leveling like everyone else. You must find her magic in spell books scattered across the world and three time eras. Check bookcases often or consult a walkthrough, I had to for some of the spells I missed.
Klarth gets nothing at the start too because he uses Summoning Magic so you have to defeat the Summon Spirits to gain their favor and spells.
Klarth and Arche are your main attack mages while Mint is your healer and Cless is the vanguard.
You get more than 4 allies and can switch them out for Chester and Suzu.

My own personal gameplay video. I sucked a little since I was using ePSXe with keyboard controls instead of my PSP. Some lag and sound corruption since it’s my first video.





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