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Tears of the Kingdom retains the open-world action-adventure gameplay of the prior game, Breath of the Wild (2017). As Link, players explore Hyrule and two new areas, the Sky Islands and the Depths, to find weapons, resources, and complete quests. Exploration can be executed through walking, running, horse riding, climbing, and the use of the paraglider.

New to Tears of the Kingdom are the Zonai devices, which are technological devices that the player can use for combat, propulsion, exploration, and more. The runes from the previous game were replaced with five new powers: Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, Recall, and Autobuild. Ultrahand allows the player to pick up and move different objects, and attach different objects together. This can be used with the Zonai devices to create different vehicles or other constructs. Fuse allows Link to combine materials, equipment, or certain objects in the world to a shield or a weapon to increase its attributes and durability. For example, fusing an explosive object to an arrow will cause the arrow to explode on impact. Autobuild instantly recreates a device crafted with Ultrahand, at the cost of zonaite. Ascend allows the player to move upwards through solid surfaces. Recall can be used on an object to “rewind” its movement.


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