Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 2.0.3 (Unlimited money, gold)

Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 2.0.3 (Unlimited money, gold)

Bus Simulator: Ultimate developed by Zuuks Games with the simulation game you are building your transportation company with. But if you think you will be the boss and have many employees, that’s not it. Players must go up from the driving position, create each passenger route, and expand into a large system. Bus Simulator: Ultimate gives you the opportunity from a driver to become the owner of the largest transportation company in the area. The first thing you need to learn is still good driving skills. Compliance with traffic laws, the obligation you need to do and make your employees obey.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate takes you to explore all routes around the world. Unlimited travel in any country, players easily connect locations with each other. Whether rural or city, you should choose to exploit the route with the most customers. Profiting, paying employees, and making businesses grow stronger. Maybe just playing this game for the first time you will be a little unfamiliar. But by reading this introduction, you will easily start your first ride. Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD is a worthy version to help you buy more new cars. Do you have the ambition to own the leading bus corporation? Implement that plan now with Bus Simulator: Ultimate. GameDVA.com would like to introduce Car Parking Multiplayer, Real Car Parking 2 with a game system for you to make parking. You may not always be able to park your car properly in this game.

Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD APK – An impressive bus driving simulation game

Because this game is free, the manufacturer put a lot of ads. However, in the process of playing the game, I found that few ads appear automatically, so it does not affect much. The only thing you cannot drive immediately if you have not done the set up below. Bus Simulator: Ultimate does not yet support multiple languages ​​so it is difficult for players. Find out about each specific feature right below. Do you like driving on hard terrain, Ultimate Offroad Simulator brings the most difficult roads for players.

Terminal – Create your route

To help the cars in the company can roll passengers, you need to set the route. Bus Simulator: Ultimate allows you to select many countries such as the USA, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Azerbaijan … With realistic maps to each specific city, You can easily create your own route. Note you have to pay for creating a route too.

Garage – Manage and buy new passenger cars

Cars you already own and don’t own are in the Garage. Go to My Vehicles to see what model you have, if you want to buy more, click Gallery. Many outstanding brands such as Tempa, Merce-Ben, Irzar, Setro with many different models. You can easily choose according to parameters such as seats, fuel consumption quickly.

Route – Select the route to depart

The locations you created in Terminal will appear here. For how long you want the distance to go, choose to connect the locations in the Route. Next, choose the driver you have and start the bus waiting for your passengers. If you do not know how to hire a driver, read the content below.

Drivers – Where to hire drivers

In this section you will see Job Offers on the right-hand side, choose to drive based on the right amount. The further down the list, the higher the amount you pay for drivers. Pay attention to budget so as not to affect the development and maintenance of the company.

Build a bus business and grow to a new level according to your ideas. Bus Simulator: Ultimate creates an environment associated with reality today. Players receive authentic experiences such as traffic systems, weather, feedback from passengers, vehicle control mode… Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD APK (Money, Gold) to buy a car, hire a driver for you No need to worry about it anymore.

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