Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Supernova 3DS ROM

Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Supernova 3DS ROM Cia Free Download For Citra emulator you can play this game on Android Mobile and PC Laptop Use Citra emulator,hack cheats Decrypted file Inazuma Eleven: Go Galaxy is a part of the block buster series of football simulation / adventure games. As captain, Tenma Matsukaze (English Sherry in English) new rebel Inazuma Japan, a team of unidentified, “Football Frontier International Vision 2”, in the warm fight for the title of the World Championship for boys’ soccer, Led. Suddenly, a spacecraft in front of Andomuma Japan, which brings a mysterious man, depends on the 188,000 light years away in the “Grand Slyly Galaxy” tournament. “Grand Celeste Galaxy” is truly an important tournament that will determine the destiny of the earth: if they lose, the earth will be destroyed. Inzuma Japan will say in comparison to representing its planet as “Planet eleven” in the Solomon’s sponsorship tournament.

Release Date: Import only
Genre: Soccer Sports
Publisher: Level-5
Developer: Level-5


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Big Bang- CIA (JAP) Region Free (2.7GB)